My Transition Diary


August 22
Not a lot to report these days. My chin hair could do with shaving every day; the rest can go every two, so I'm still shaving every two days and dealing with looking sketchy half the time. Sideburn hair is coming in much more on the left side than the right - actually there's almost nothing noticeable on the right. Even on the left, though, it's nowhere near filled in, and would look like a few random prickles if I let it grow in. Same with mustache hair and along my jawline. I'd love to have full sideburns, maybe an inch or so long, but I'm in no hurry for any of the rest of it to come in.

My dose is still 60mg of enanthate injected weekly. I moved up from 50mg to 60mg months ago - don't know if I made a note of that - because the syringe is marked in increments of 20mg and it's just easier. Plus I like knowing that I'm on a little more than the minimum I need, in case I miss a dose or draw up the wrong amount somehow.

My chest still feels amazing. It's been a hot summer and I've spent a lot of the time hanging out in my room without a shirt on. Today I stepped outside for a second and there was a cool breeze. Feeling the breeze moving over my torso and the sun warming my skin is the absolute most amazing, wonderful thing. I really should spend more time outside, especially these summer days.

I discovered something relatively recently: When drawing up T, if I just hold the vial upside down with the needle in it and don't pull back on the plunger at all, it will fill itself within a few minutes and there's only one air bubble, which is easy to push back out. I'd been pulling back on the plunger to try and speed it along, and it just made it more difficult and take longer. Now I just put the needle in the vial, hold it all upside-down with one hand, and wait (usually using my other hand to type in IMs).

August 28
I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this: I had, before top surgery, started to get hair around my nipples. After top surgery, when the hair started to grow back, it grew in around the center of each scar - where my nipples used to be. Bit amusing.

I now have very light, fine hairs starting to come in around my nipples in their new location, which will eventually turn dark, I'm sure. I'm not looking forward to having chest hair.


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