Yay for Queers

Yay for Queers is a supportive chat room primarily for new Trans folks. If you're looking for support, information, community, or people to just talk to in real time, this is the place to be. (Please note that none of us is any kind of therapist; we're here as helpful friends, not proper counselors.) We use the word Queers so as to be more inclusive of people who are questioning, and our friends/family/partners/allies.

Note: You do NOT need to identify as queer to chat in Yay for Queers! The only requirement is that you are respectful of everyone.

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1) No personal attacks, insults, prejudice, stereotypes, or generalizations.

2) Try not to ask for personal information unless it's really relevant to your conversation. Asking for general location is okay. Asking about pronouns is excellent.

3) Please speak from your own experiences and avoid speaking for others.

4) Bear in mind, not everyone is from the US and not everyone speaks English as a first language.

5) Any links, pictures, etc. that are sexually explicit need to come with warnings (i.e., saying, "[link] - NSFW!").

By joining this community and the channel, you are indicating your acceptance of these rules and agree to abide by them.

Already familiar with IRC? The server we use is irc.blitzed.org and our channel is #yayforqueers.
If for some reason you cannot download a client, or you can't get any downloaded client to connect to the channel, you can use the webclient. Just click the green "Start..." button below to get connected.

(This is the webclient.)

The webclient does not work well on phones. Phone screens are too small. If you're on your phone, get a proper client (they're free) and come chat that way.

Be aware that the channel is not always a bustling hive of activity. If it's quiet when you enter, say hello and stick around! Your patience will be rewarded. Also, most of the channel's regulars are currently in North America or western Europe, so if you come in at a time when most of us are likely asleep, you are less likely to find people to chat with.

If the above doesn't work, you can connect here. You must change the channel listed in the box to #yayforqueers!

Yay for Queers may be accessed by using any of various IRC clients, including the webclient above. The webclient's okay, but it's better to have your own. If you don't have one installed on your computer or device, use the links below to get one, then use the step-by-step instructions I've provided to set it up. All of the clients listed here are completely free.

If at any point you need help setting up an IRC client, enter the chat with the webclient above and ask around in the channel. Someone there should be able to help out.

[ Find a client to install ]

Setup instructions:

[ HexChat | Adium | LimeChat | Colloquy | irssi | AndroIRC | IRCCloud ]

What's a client?
(Skip this if you're not interested.)

Little known fact: People don't connect to each other online the way most people think they do. If you and I are DMing on Facebook, our computers aren't directly connected to each other. There's more than just your computer and mine involved in sending our messages back and forth. There's also the Facebook server - a big computer that acts as a middleman. I send a DM, the server gets it and passes it on, and then you receive it. This all happens very very fast, but the point is that you have to connect to a service on another computer in order to message someone.

A client is anything you run on your computer or device that accesses a service. Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Discord, Snapchat, and FaceTime are clients, because the app on your computer or device accesses the messenger service through the internet and lets you talk to other people.

Okay. Moving on.

For Windows:
Windows users can download HexChat here.

Click here to set up HexChat for chatting.


For Macs:
Mac users can download LimeChat in the App Store or here.

If you can't get LimeChat to work, you can use Colloquy or Adium.

Click here to set up LimeChat for chatting.

Click here to set up Colloquy for chatting.

Click here to set up Adium for chatting.


For Linux:
Linux users can download HexChat from their distro's repositories or here.

If you don't want to use HexChat, try irssi, which is also available in your respositories.

Click here to set up HexChat for chatting.

Click here to set up irssi for chatting.


For Android smartphones/tablets:
You can get AndroIRC for free in the Google Play Store. Download and install it on your Android device.

Click here to set up AndroIRC for chatting.


For iOS smartphones/tablets (iPhone/iPad):
You can get IRCCloud for free in the App Store. Download and install it on your iOS device.

Click here to set up IRCCloud for chatting.


Setup instructions
[ HexChat | LimeChat | Colloquy | Adium | irssi | AndroIRC | IRCCloud ]