Top Surgery

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I had my chest surgery on January 14, 2004, at 9:45 am with Dr. Michael Brownstein (now retired) in San Francisco, CA. I tried to eat healthier in preparation for surgery, but I didn't do a perfect job by any means. Both my then-partner, who had surgery on the same day as me, and I tried to increase our protein intake at least somewhat, and started (again) having salad with dinner in every night and taking a multivitamin and Vitamin C every day. I tried to take up weightlifting, but I just didn't have time. That turned out to not matter at all. You absolutely do not need developed pecs to get good chest contour, if your surgeon is competent. Dr. Brownstein was very clear about that when I asked.

My surgery diary is here.

Pictures of my chest are here. None of them are remotely gory; they're of my scars, which are essentially two lines across my chest, and close-ups of my nipples so you can see how they were grafted on, and how they healed, but again, there's no blood or gross stuff at all.


- Dr. Brownstein's fee (just for me): $4,750 -

- Surgical facility fee (just for me): $1,077 -

- Anesthesia fee (just for me): $800 -

- Pathology fee (just for me): $250 -

- 3 round-trip airline tickets: $940.35 -

- Hotel (for all three of us): $785.30 -

- Food, sightseeing, etc. (for all three of us): $452.00 -

- TOTAL: $9,054.65 - is by far the best place to look at peoples' surgery results - for bottom surgery as well as top, and Transfeminine as well as Transmasculine folks - and see how the different surgeons measure up.

Check out here for a crash course in the different types of top surgery available to Transmasculine folks, and exactly what they're about.

Some advice from folks who have had top surgery: - for photos and information about top surgery

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