I am a Transgender man. After I found out what Transgender meant, when I was 15, I educated myself entirely online. Some of the sites listed below, among others, gave me the information I needed to begin my transition. I socially transitioned (told everyone that I was a guy and began presenting and living my life as a guy) at 16, and am happier than I ever was prior to transition.

I'm also a member of Compass, a southern New England support group for Transmasculine folks, which I love and recommend to anyone who was labeled female at birth but doesn't feel that that is a complete or accurate description of their gender. Check out their website for more information.

I started taking testosterone via the AndroDerm patch on August 18, 2000. On February 12, 2003, I began using AndroGel instead of the patch because I was tired of the skin irritation. I raised my dose on July 29, 2003, from 2.5mg per day to alternating between 2.5mg and 5mg each day, averaging 3.75mg per day. (This is the equivalent of around 75mg by weekly injection. Most Trans guys inject their T.) On Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I put on 5mg, and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I put on 2.5mg.

On August 8, 2003, I switched from gel to injections: 50mg every week. I injected testosterone enanthate, suspended in sesame seed oil, and I initially used 25 gauge, 1-inch needles to inject.

On December 21, 2004, I started self-injecting with 27 gauge, 5/8-inch needles. I used the 25 gauge needles to draw up until they ran out in late 2006; then I bought 20 gauge needles to draw up with. Sometime perhaps in early 2005 I started injecting 60mg every week instead of 50mg, to help myself feel secure that I was definitely getting enough testosterone and wasn't riding the edge. A few years later, maybe in 2010, I dropped my dose back down to 50mg per week.

I had top surgery (mastectomy that specifically creates a male-appearing chest) on January 14, 2004. More info about that is here. Pics of my healing process are here. (No gore, nothing NSFW, just scars.)

On October 13, 2010, I had a complete hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oopherectomy (removal of the uterus and cervix, fallopian tubes, and ovaries) in a laparascopic procedure at Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA. After my hysto I dropped my hormone dose from 50mg to 40mg, still weekly, but a year or two later I bumped it back up to 50mg. To read more about my hysto experience, see here.

On June 5, 2015, after giving myself more than 550 weekly testosterone injections, I switched to Testopel subdermal implants.

Click here for my entire transition journal, which unfortunately starts on my first day of testosterone and not before, but contains more than 20 years' worth of experiences and reflections.

Think you might be Trans? Want more info? Check out some Trans organizations and local support groups, and find support online!

Got questions about transition options for Transmasculine folks? See this FAQ, which I co-wrote with a friend.

If You Are Thinking About Suicide, READ THIS FIRST!

Click here for a list of free crisis hotlines, including hotlines outside the US, plus options for texting and talking online.

Click here for Transmasculine passing tips!

Transmasculine top surgery information

Cisgender Privilege - yet another spin on Peggy McIntosh's famous work, White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. (For the curious, Male Privilege, by Barry Deutsch, is here.)

Click here for a ton of resources, including the WPATH Standards of Care, Transmasculine surgery costs, online support, stuff to read, support groups, surgeons, and gender-savvy therapists. (Not just for Trans folks.)

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